Pulltab Thomas

Pulltab Thomas

Metal detecting in my backyard and beyond

About Thomas

Metal detecting started for me at a very young age playing with a Radio Shack “Treasure Finder” #63-3001 in the mid-1980s. I did little with the orange duck looking detector beyond quickly twisting the coarse and fine tuning knobs making it squeal in short bursts for fun.

Actual detecting occurred when I used a Micronta 3001 in 1989 only in my yard finding trash. Soon after I had a Micronta 4003 when my dad bought a new White’s Coinmaster 6000/DI Pro Plus in 1992. My first finds I remember ever detecting were wheat pennies with the 4003, when we went out detecting together.

Years went by and in 2012 we took the hobby back up. I bought a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV at a local store for fun. Four days later my dad bought a Garrett Ace 250 – and we were hooked for a couple of years. Many different detector upgrades later, and running out of areas to detect, we lost interest after many finds.

Starting all over in 2020 I’ve been busy and got a setup I would never imagined even just a few years ago. My dad holds fast that he has no time or interest in detecting this time around, but we’ll see.