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Metal detecting in my backyard and beyond

How To

See my newest metal detecting and related How To guides and tutorials.

For convenience I have listed the main how to guides and tutorials on this page. Depending on what you are looking for a keyword search may be better.

How To Index

  • Metal Detectors (main machines)
    • Beginner Basics –
      • Detecting Expectations (What Treasure You May Find)
      • Beginners Must-Haves List
      • Packing and Carrying All Your Gear
      • Machine Types and Use
      • Search Coils DD, Concentric, and Others
      • Batteries, Covers, Protectors, and Related
      • Ground Balancing Your Detector
    • Reviews and Ratings
      • Actual GOOD and REAL Reviews Are Rare
      • Review Sites and Links
      • My Reviews
    • Air Tests, Bench Tests, Test Garden Beds, and other Tests
      • What Air Test (Bench Tests) Results Really Mean
      • Detector Screen VDI and Information
      • Test Gardens and Their Limitations
      • Soil Box Testing Versus Real Life
      • The Mythical Halo Effect
  • Research & Permission
    – Where and What to Look For in a Location
    – Footwork and Driving Around For Locations
    – Locating Unknown and Old Lost Sites
    – Getting Maps, Including Older Maps, and Data For the Location
    – Finding The Land Owner
    – Gaining Permission For a Researched Location
    – Cold-Permission New Places Just Discovered
  • Detecting Techniques & Target Recovery
    – Cellphone, Compass, and GPS Direction Usage
    – Dealing With Strangers While Detecting
    – Safety First From Animals to Summer Heat
    – Detecting Speed, How Fast to Swing the Detector
    – Gridding and Other Techniques to Cover Every Inch of Ground
    – Checking High Foot Traffic Areas and Likely Spots
    – Checking a Target Signal – Dig or Skip the Target
    – Digging a Proper Plug and Hole Techniques
    – Using a Pinpointer Will Help With Many Aspects
    – Coin Probes and Other Uses
    – Logging and Photographing Finds
  • Cleaning Finds
    – Rock Tumbler Cleaning Clad Setup
    – Basic Electrolysis Setup and Use
    – Ultrasonic Cleaners For Detector Finds
    – Toothpicks, Brushes, and Solutions
    – Professional Cleaning Services
    – Preservation and Sealing a Finds Surface After Cleaning
  • Displaying, Donating, Returning, & Selling Finds

Metal Detectors (main machines)


Research & Permission

This can be as simple as pulling up a Google Map of the area for public parks, to more complex as reviewing property / GIS / PLAT maps and the many extra steps.